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Eko Trust

Eko Trust

Earlham Primary School is part of the Eko Trust, a multi-academy trust working to transform student's lives. All our schools are committed to working towards the same vision, values, mission and principles, while retaining their own individuality.

Eko Trust Vision

Every member of our community is empowered to learn, to be ambitious and to be resilient.

Eko Trust Values and Principles

Vitality, Optimism, Integrity, Courage, Equity

We are:

  • open to learn from each other
  • thoughtful and inspiring
  • understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, background and motivations
  • trustworthy and loyal to the team
  • respectful when challenging
  • resilient when challenged
  • clear and honest and have the courage to disagree.

We do:

  • have the highest professional standards and celebrate our achievements
  • look after ourselves and each others well being
  • accept there will be challenges and give each other space and time
  • listen & respect each other
  • support opinions with facts and evidence
  • express gratitude
  • talk with clarity and honesty and have the courage to disagree
  • deliver in an accurate, timely and cost effective way.

Eko Trust

Chief Executive Officer – Rebekah Iiyambo

Registered Office – Kaizen Primary School, Elkington Road, London, E13 8LH

Registered in England Company Number – 10279605    

Trust staff can access the Eko Intranet here

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