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Medication and care plans

Our policy is that school staff are not allowed to give medicines to children, unless the child needs emergency medication or has a medical care plan, although staff will supervise children self-administering medicine. 

Some children will need to have medicines available at school, such as epi-pens and asthma pumps, and will need a care plan for these. Care plans, including those for asthma, are drawn up by our school nurse and require the consent of parents. Care plans set out details of where the child's medication will be stored in school. In the case of asthma care plans these will also include parental consent to the use of the school's emergency asthma pumps. It is parent’s responsibility to make sure that the school is kept up to date with all information regarding their child's condition and care plan, and that medicine is labelled with the child’s name, the correct dosage and expiry date.

Any child that requires medication in school will need to have a signed Parental Agreement for Administration of Medicine form. This form can be obtained from the school office.

If you have any questions re the above contact Mrs Kay Harney (earlhamsenco@ekotrust.org.uk) or Ms Jackie Holmes (First Aid Co-ordinator).

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