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Knowledge organisers

We have prepared knowledge organisers for each unit of learning showing the key facts pupils need to know and retain at the end of each unit; these are sent home as part of our home-school link, and are used as a resource in class. Pupils are quizzed regularly throughout the year on the key facts, to ensure they have retained their learning and knowledge.

Y6 Science Evolution and Inheritance knowledge organiser

History knowledge organisers

Y1 History Homes Then and Now knowledge organiser(1)

Geography knowledge organisers

Y5 Geography The World on the Move knowledge organiser

Science knowledge organisers

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 1 Our Body Seasons Everyday Materials Animals Animals Plants
Year 2 Uses of Everyday Materials Healthy Humans Animals including Humans Living Things & Their Habitats Living Things & Their Habitats Plants
Year 3 Health & Movement

Forces & Magnets


  How Plants Grow Rocks & Soil
Year 4 Eating & Digestion   States of Matter

Living Things & Their Habitats

Sound Circuits & Conductors
Year 5 Forces Earth & Space

Properties & Changes of Materials


Plant & Animal Life Cycles

Animals including Humans
Year 6 Seeing Light Evolution & Inheritance Living Things & Their Habitats Healthy Bodies   Changing Circuits


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