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Yr6 London Assembly

6P visited City Hall to supplement our study of Democracy in the UK. As part of this vist we were welcomed by members of Sadiq Khan’s team and shown some information about the role the Mayor plays in the running of the city. We found out a bit more about his specific responsibilities and some of the things he has done for London in his time as Mayor so far. We were given a quick tour before we had the exciting opportunity to sit in the audience for a meeting that was taking place in the main assembly room. We were greeted by the members before they continue with their important business. 

We then moved back down to our classroom for the day and learnt about the history and the future of London. We were given details about some of the buildings that we can expect to see on the London skyline soon. 

Whilst we were having lunch we were lucky enough to mee Unmesh Desai who is the London Assembly Member for City and East and represents us in the GLA. We took some photos with him and some important people from Newham College who spoke to us about possible future careers and education in construction. 

We had a wonderful day and came back aspiring to be politicians.

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