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Times Table Tournament


Pupils were buzzing away as they competed in times table and related place value and division facts against their partner class. The final round ended with a Parent versus Pupil round, which proved to be even more exciting!

The National Curriculum specifies that pupils should be taught to recall the multiplication tables up to and including 12 × 12 by the end of year four.

From the 2019/20 academic year onwards, schools in England will be required to administer an online multiplication tables check (MTC) to year four pupils. Our school will be participating in a National Voluntary Pilot which takes place between 10 June and 28 June 2019. Schools can use this to familiarise themselves with the check before it becomes statutory in June 2020.

It is of paramount importance that pupils feel confident in knowing and applying their X and ÷ facts. This is essential to help efficiently solve every day life problems and it increases the focus more on problem solving rather than spending time and mental load in trying to remember the basic facts in the first place.

Keep practising Times Table Rockstars!

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