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Yr2 vists to London Zoo

Year 2 had a fantastic day at London Zoo. Even though the weather was rainy, all of the animals came out to see us. We were really pleased to see some of the endangered animals we have been learning about in science.  As part of our science curriculum, we have been learning about endangered animals, habitats, how plastic is destroying our oceans and learning about the conservation work in zoos. Our visit to the zoo gave us the opportunity to ask some of the zoo keepers some questions about the animals and their habitats. 

Walking through some of the enclosures was a fantastic opportunity to feel what it would be like in that habitat. It was very exciting as we were able to come up close to some of the animals and have some fly above our heads and even land on us! There was a living rainforest, where we saw a family of sloths, one of whom was sleeping just above our heads. We also peered into a dark hole to see a huge bird-eating spider! We learned how the zoo breeds some of the reptiles for conservation.

At the reptile house we saw a display about the amount of plastic in oceans that had been collected in one visit. It was shocking, and back in class we designed posters for a campaign to reduce the use of plastic. 

Overall it was a lovely day for all involved. As always, a huge thank you to all of the parent volunteers who came with us.

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