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Green Street

Year 2 have been learning about our global village. We have mapped out where all our families have links around the world and talked about the experience of migration. Many of us are migrants, or have close family members who have migrated to England, and we interviewed family and friends to find out why they migrated, and how they felt when they arrived here.

We then went on a field study trip to Green Street, to look at the impact of migration on our local area. We could see that migration has helped many businesses to start that cater for migrants who live locally. We made field notes about what we say to confirm this, including signs in other languages, food from around the world, shops and restaurants selling halal food, and shops selling non-Western clothes. We went into a very exciting supermarket and saw fish and other food from all around the world for sale.

It was very exciting to be learning off the school site, and we can't wait to do more field work!

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