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Year 6 showcase their learning for parents

Year 6 children held a showcase exhibition of their learning this term. The focus was ‘Trade’ which was displayed through their English, DT and Geography lessons. They summarised the tale of ‘Cloud Tea Monkey’, raised awareness on the issues of child labour and exploitation, explored and explained the trade industry on a local, national and global scale, and sweetened the event with tempting treats of Fairtrade sourced strawberry cheesecake bites and zesty chocolate mousses. Children also performed the banana boat song - very enthusiastically! - which they dsicovered as part of their learning about the banana trade in Jamaica.

The children acted as ambassadors, confidently and proudly guiding parents around the exhibition and explaining their learning to them. Using their fantastic oracy skills they went out of their ‘comfort zones’ to talk to a range of parents about their learning. As many of our pupils are bilingual they were also able to translate for parents into several languages, including Bengali and Malay.

We are very proud of our Year 6’s! Well done to Beech and Oak classes!

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