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Staying calm and managing feelings - our school therapist suggests...

2020 has been a difficult time for everyone and times are still tough right now. Children have experienced school closures, not seeing their friends and teachers in person and remote education and have had to be very resilient to change. For adults the world of work is also changing and Covid 19 has brought many challenges to professional and personal life. There is still much we don't know about what will happen and when, and this uncertainty can be hard for all of us to manage.

Our school therapist Emma has put together some videos to support children and parents in these troubling times.

Mindfulness and relaxation for children

Emma has created a series to calm your mind and body leaving you feeling relaxed and more able to manage difficult feelings during stressful days, and helping you drift into a peaceful sleep at bedtimes. All of Emma's videos can be found here

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Coping with the loss of a loved one

We know that some of our Earlham families have been directly affected by the virus and lost loved ones. We are so sorry. Our school therapist Emma has created a series of videos to support families through loss and grief. Please watch them with your children to help support conversations around grieving and loss. Do get in touch with us to let us know if your family has been affected and you would like further support. All of Emma's videos can be found here

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