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Year 4 visit the National Gallery of Art

This year Year 4 studied rainforest habitats and in art they created their own rainforest paintings and drawings. To help them they looked at a painting by Henri Rousseau . called Surprised! which shows a tiger prowling through the dense rainforest. We looked at the painting in class, but then decided it would be much better to see it in real life, as it is part of the amazing collection of art in the National Gallery in central London. We were able to listen to some of the art experts at the Gallery describe the painting and the techniques used by Rousseau to create the work - he never actually left France, and used pictures and visits to the local botanic gardens to help him imagine what the rainforest might be like! We made our own sketches, which we used back at school to help us make paintings and digital pictures of the rainforest. 

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