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Year 6 visited Gorsefield for a fun-filled week of activities such as archery, mountain biking, orienteering and more. They also explored the rural area of Stansted and spent their days playing football, table-tennis, basketball - whilst also relaxing in the conservatory, tree house or lounge.

Well done Year 6 for persevering through team challenges, and picking up life skills even if unfamiliar at first! Proud of you all!

Thank you Gorsefield!

Windrush generation

This term, children in Year 5 were learning about the Windrush generation. They looked at where the Caribbean was and why people from the Caribbean had decided to leave their country to come to Britain, their mother country, in 1948. 

Children of Year 5 got an opportunity to then hear the story first hand from Tony Downie, who was a 'barrel baby' (children who were brought over later by migrant parents from the Caribbean to the UK after they settled in) and served in the British military. He shared his experiences of coming over to Britain and how he came close to being deported at the height of the Windrush scandal. It was very inspiring to hear his story and it helped the children better understand the experiences of the WIndrush generation.

Healthy nutrition workshop

Parents learnt about the importance of children having a healthy breakfast. Parents even had the opportunity to practise what they learnt in making healthy porridge. Look at the photos to see how great they did! 

City Gates Church trip

Y5 visited City Gates Church as part of their RW learning and learnt about how the church helps the local community. ⛪

Book Fair

Earlham had a very successful book fair for a week. We earned over £210 in book reward tokens. These books will go towards our School Library and our class reading corners. Thank you parents and carers for your continued support. Congratulations to our 4 pupils for World Book Day best dressed pyjamas with a bedtime book; each pupil received a free book from the fair.

The Courtauld Gallery

Beech class visited The Courtauld Gallery near Somerset House. Students participated in an art workshop exploring colour theory, automatism and self-portraits.

Red Nose Day

Earlham went Red again this year to support Comic Relief and had a fantastic day raising money. 

Y3 Maths Trail

Year 3 completed their Maths Trail at West Ham Park. During the trail the children were taught how to use a variety of objects to measure things around the park. This tied in really nicely with our Maths topic of length and measurement. The children worked in groups to solve the different problems. It was a really fun way of using our learning more practically. 

Safer Internet Day 2023

Earlham celebrated Safer Internet Day 2023.
Safer Internet Day is a global campaign to promote the safe and responsible use of technology, which calls on children and young people, parents, carers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, companies, policymakers and more, to help to create a better internet. Using the internet safely and positively is a key message that we promote in our school, and celebrating Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity for us to re-emphasise the online safety messages we deliver throughout the year.

Y5 Maths Trail

 Y5 went to West Ham Park to take part in a maths trail, where they measured a variety of things in the park.  The children were able to use different measuring tools such as a measuring wheel and measuring tapes. They worked in groups of three to solve each mathematical problem scattered around the park.

Y3 British Museum Photos

Year 3 went on a trip to the British Museum as part of their History topic of The Ancient Egyptians. The day started off with a short presentation about the process of mummification, and what the Ancient Egyptians believed about the afterlife. We had a short break before we explored the Ancient Egyptian exhibition at the Museum. It was really interesting to see artefacts based on the Ancient Egyptians. 

Y5 Buckingham Palace

Y5 went on a trip to Buckingham Palace as part of their history learning on the British Empire.

Number Day 2023

Number Day at Earlham is something that the children and staff always look forward to each year. It gives the children the opportunity to apply their maths skills to everyday scenarios, whilst raising money for such a fantastic cause.

Yr 4 Maths Trail

Today we went to West Ham Park for a Maths Trail! It was really fun because we got to explore the park whilst hunting for measuring-related maths questions to answer. We had the chance to apply our knowledge of measurement to real-world problems and use a range of measuring equipment. We even got to know how the measuring equipment is used by the park-keepers to maintain the gardens.


Year 6 visited the London Metropolitan Archives

Year 6 visited the London Metropolitan Archives on the 24th and the 31st January. The London Metropolitan Archives is a public research centre which specialises in the history of London. Students were able to explore the strong rooms which contain books, maps, photographs, films and documents dating back to 1067.

The children were introduced to what an archive is and some of the important collections in the LMA. They also investigated how criminals were punished in Victorian London, and how prisons changed over time.


Yr 5 Traditional Dishes

For DT this term, children have been learning about traditional dishes from countries in the British Empire. Children researched and planned their dishes and then cooked dishes from India and West Africa.

Yr 6 Transport for London

Year 6 had an assembly highlighting the importance of Transport for London and how to be safe on public transport. The students learnt more about the different safety measures in place and have gained top tips when transitioning into secondary schools in September.

It was an enlightening experience and the real lifes cenarios helped the students understand how serious a situation can turn when safety is not prioritised.


Yr 1 Maths Trail

Yr 1 classes in West Ham Park for maths trail 🍃🪺🌾They had different tasks to complete such as counting and finding different objects eg 5 sticks, and a 4 pointed leaf and then made shapes out of the ‘fallen treasure’

Yr 5 Forest Gate Community

We went to visit the Forest Gate Community Garden to consolidate our understanding of how plants reproduce sexually and asexually. We examined flowers and learnt about different insects and their habitats. We then went on an insect hunt around the garden and found different insects including earthworms and snails. To provide a safe place for the insects to live in, we then looked for different materials we could use to build a small habitat for them.

Stars of the term

Christmas Concert

Earlham’s ‘Carols by Candlelight’🕯️Thank you to all who attended 

Christmas lunch and Xmas jumper day

Yr 1 Church visit

Year 1 visited Emmanuel Church to deepen their knowledge around the Christmas Nativity story


Success at the Grove

Earlham Girls win the TTLT World Cup, with the Boys team narrowly missing out by goal difference.

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Olympic Athlete Workshop

Victoria Ohuruogu lead a sponsored fitness circuit with all pupils to inspire them to be more physically active, but just as importantly to encourage them to discover and then pursue their passion in life.


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Year 5 Tender Workshop

Y5 took part in the Tender workshops, which provided lots of activities with some fun games to help children develop healthy relationships based on respect and equality and to be active citizens in creating communities that do not tolerate violence. 

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Year 2 visit Stepney City Farm

Year 2's visit to Stepney City Farm, where they enjoyed looking at the animals and learning about their lifecycles. The children's favourite moment was feeding the goats food, from their hands.

Black History isn’t just for October!

Children enjoying a Black History dance workshop held by West African dancers!

Yr 6 London Zoo

Year 6 visited the zoo as part of their studies in Science (Evolution and Inheritance). Despite the wet weather conditions, children were in wonder at the range of animals - from blue poisonous dart frogs to llamas. Some children also overcame their fears and ventured into the world of mini-beasts (spiders galore!). 

Yr 1 DT workshop

Eating a 🌈 Yr 1 enjoyed a DT workshop with The Pantry where they could eat a wide variety of different foods with different flavours and textures, supporting their initial understanding of how to eat a healthy balanced diet.

Yr 3 Healthy Eating Workshop

The children participated in a workshop in which they learnt about healthy eating and why it is important. They watched a presentation about the eat well plate and what each part of the plate is and why we need to follow it. They then completed a fun worksheet with lots of different activities such as a wordsearch, crossword puzzles and scrabble. The children also played a game in which they had to see which group would be the quickest to label and sort the different types of foods. It was a very interesting workshop for the children, and they enjoyed it very much.

October half term club

A great time was had at Earlham’s October half term holiday club. The children enjoyed games, sport, team building, arts and crafts and also delicious healthy lunches

Yr 5 Westminster Abbey trip

Year 5 consolidated their History Tudor knowledge for this term by visiting Westminster Abbey. We saw the tombstones of famous Tudors and also stood where previous coronations have been… and where King Charles will be coronated 👑

Hello Yellow Day

We raised £160.87 for the charity Young Minds as part of Hello Yellow Day. We also had special assemblies focusing on Mental Health and all wore yellow to show that we stand with all who are struggling with their mental health. Brighter days are ahead.

Reception Family Friday trip to community garden

Reception visited the local community garden this term.  Our visit further supported our work on plants which we have been learning about this term. We were able to see some of the wildlife as well as handle them too and get a closer look at some different plants.

Yr 5 Architecture in Schools programme

Year 5 looked at buildings around London to inspire and generate ideas for our next workshop on model making.

Yr 1 local area Geography visit

Yr1 explored our local area by looking at two different types of maps of Forest Gate. They looked at a drawn map and a satellite map and found out that satellite maps show a bird’s eye view.

Yr 6 British Museum Trip

Year 6 went to the British Museum to discover and learn more about Global Trade as part of their geography learning.

SEND English Curriculum

Some of our SEND learners enjoying a visit to our local library as part of their English Curriculum.

Reimagining London (Architectural Image Systems)

Y5 planned their ideas as to how they envision London in the future, thinking about community, housing, connections, workplace and educational links, as well as being more green/environmentally friendly.

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