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Literacy pirates

Positivity. Practice. And pirates. Ahoy!!

Earlham has linked up with Literacy Pirates. Their learning programme is all about boosting classroom confidence, through fun after-school literacy support for children falling behind at school.

In Spring term, some Year 6 children will attend a weekly session online then in Summer some Year 5 children will attend sessions over the term. Their qualified teachers lead a two hour session. They’re joined by a community of volunteers who support reading practice as well as support the children to write stories that are published in exciting real-life publications like books, films and apps.

All that practice, plus a relentlessly positive atmosphere, helps children make 16 months progress in their reading age in less than an academic year. That gives them a crucial boost in skills and confidence, so they can better succeed at school.

The children are provided with laptops and headphones to enhance their learning in the comfort of their home environment.

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