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Year 5 explore the Living Cities exhibition at the Tate Modern

Year 5 have been learning about megacities and how people live in urban conglomerations of more than ten million people. Pupils have explored this through a case study of Mumbai, looking at how the physical geography shapes the human geography, and considering what life is like for the many families who live and work in the slums. As part of their learning they visited the 'Living Cities' exhibition at the Tate Modern.

The focus was to appreciate how contemporary artists view cities as part of the exhibition. The highlight was definitely a mini model of an Algerian city made entirely from cous cous! Pupils worked in pairs to sketch 3D buildings, which builds on their skill of 2D sketching in previous years. Children considered the choices that the architects and builders must have made in order to keep buildings heated well, streamlined and for them to have a firm foundation to support the structure above it. They also took the opportunity to sketch some of London's iconic buildings and structures!

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