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KAPOW (Knowledge and Power of Words) Update 1

Pupil voice project Day two:
Day two of our EKO Trust's Pupil Voice project for our carefully selected Year 5 pupils involved a collaboration of topic ideas that the children could write and publish a book about. Children will work in teams to raise funds for this – a real sense of ownership. 

Pupils have started to build more confidence in sharing thoughts aloud, especially the ones that had a way to go and they have gelled so much more with the way they work in their teams with pupils from our EKO trust schools. 

Here are some of the commitments that our Year 5 pupils have made in order to raise funds through sponsorship for an entire month. Their aim is to reach £20 per person as a minimum and the highest three earners, will receive chocolates from Ms Sheth as an incentive:

Hammad – ‘I will jog around the playground Monday to Friday and complete three laps. I will also do up my bed everyday’.   
Mushvika – ‘I will eat one fruit per day’.
Tyler – ‘I will drink three glasses of water daily’. 
Araf – ‘I will not watch the television for more than 30 minutes in a day’.
Aimee – ‘I will give up eating chocolate’. 
Teodor – ‘I will not have any fizzy drinks’. 
Sarah – ‘I will not have any sweets or chewing gum’. 
Zaynab – ‘I will not eat any crisps’.
Lastly, Ms Sheth would like to say thank you to our pupils for their dedication to the Pupil Voice project. 

KAPOW (Knowledge and Power of Words)

'An exciting new EKO Trust project called the KAPOW (Knowledge and Power of Words) has been launched this term, which is taking place over a series of five days for a group our year 5 pupils. Through this pupil voice project, children will have the valuable opportunity to develop oracy, self confidence, student leadership and resilience by engaging in purposeful activities with students from our trust schools. All exercises will be oriented towards helping pupils to harness their voices in order to make positive changes in their lives. Last week, pupils enjoyed working in teams to build the tallest and strongest newspaper tower and reflecting on positive role models. Ms Sheth and Ms Sunita are overseeing this project for our school and have enjoyed this wonderful journey so far'.

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