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Year 2 Museum of London

Year 2 had a fantastic day out at the Museum of London, learning about the Great Fire of London. We explored the Museum's collection of artefacts from the Fire - paintings, models of houses and water carts, and even tried on old fire fighters helmets and compared these to the helmets fire fighters wear today. We then had an amazing hands on workshop with Nina, who gave us objects from 1666 to investigate - we looked at water squirters and leather buckets that were used to put out the fire, candle sticks and candle holders, horse shoes and real bricks that were burnt in the Great Fire. We acted out the story of the Great Fire, and some of us dressed up as Samuel Pepys, his wife and his servant. We learnt that they looked at the fire and then went back to bed because they were sure it was a small fire and was going to stop. When it didn’t Samuel Pepys went to King Charles II and advised him how to fight the fire. While we were at the Museum we also looked at some of the other galleries - we really loved the penny farthing in the Victorian gallery - but we aren’t sure how people rode these - they are very high up!

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